The origins of the Borgo

The rural village of Bagnaia has ancient origins, which are lost in the early Middle Ages, most likely around the year 800 BC. when the Barbarians occupied Italy.


The first written testimony of La Bagnaia is a donation signed by the Emperor and King of Germany Henry IV, in 1081. Other testimonies in our possession of those years are contained in two donations of Emperor Frederick I, the famous Barbarossa. After a long period of prosperity, the village became very popular, so much so that the bishop of Siena merged the parish of Bagnaia with that of Filetta.

The rebirth came when the notable Jacopo Bichi bought the entire estate and the Bichi over the years built their country residence.

The modern history

The subsequent modern history of Bagnaia, with spontaneous rural dwellings perched around the ancient church in an enchanting landscape made of rolling green hills and valleys full of woods, has remained linked to the traditions of the origins and to the rural culture.

Nowadays, the care of the current owners has given the village a comfortable reception structure, together with the neighboring medieval village of Filetta, the ancient baths of Santa Caterina, the remains of the castle of Frontignano and the entire vast estate, which it stretches over a thousand hectares between the Merse and the slopes of the Val d’Arbia in an enchanting landscape made of rolling green hills and valleys full of woods, marked in the background by the City of the Palio.

La Canonica

The building next to the church of Bagnaia was the old Canonica, the origin of this type of housing dates back to the Middle Ages.

Inside you can admire unique pieces collected by the property during his travels, in those rooms that once housed the houses of the priests of the village.

In the niches of the walls, as set in the rock, different types of albarelli, containers used in ancient pharmacies to contain spices, herbal products or medicinal preparations such as ointments and powders.

La Canonica features 9 rooms with single and queen beds, a private garden and a spacious living area with a view of the garden. Ideal for exclusive stays, families and small groups, La Canonica offers intimacy to its guests and is one of the most beautiful and evocative structures of the village.

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